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Flood Restoration and Drying Services

Flood Restoration

Carpet drying Auckland service, structural drying, walls, building frame, skirtings, subflooring, furniture with industrial dehumidifier hire, air movers blowers dryers.

Dehumidifier Hire

Our large industrial dehumidifier rental Auckland wide are half price at $75 per day or $399 per week. Air mover blowers hire at just $ 25 per day

Carpet Drying

Powerful Flood water extraction, dry carpets, antimicrobial, carpet dryers under carpets, dehumidifier rental, carpet repair lay & carpet cleaning Auckland service

Flood Carpet Drying Auckland

Corona Virus. Alert 4 – Essential Emergency Health Services

Whist in lock-down Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is able to do emergency work such as Flood Damage Restoration, Carpet Drying and Sanitize Disinfecting, where the need is required to maintain human health and safety essential services.

If you have wet carpets, hard floors and walls due to flooding, you need a powerful wet carpet water extraction. Waiting can result in water damaged carpets and this can also lead to mold build-up. The sooner you act, the better your chances of restoring the carpet to its original condition. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland have provided flood cleaning carpet drying services in South Auckland, North Shore, West Auckland and City Central areas since 1987.

See our below Flooded carpet drying restoration process. The breakdown between the two types of water damage: primary and secondary damage.

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Water Damage Repairs Drying

The main flooding damage is the obvious initial flooding. Of course when the pipe breaks, water runs into the carpets and hard floor.  The items and surfaces that become wet with the initial flooding are the primary damage.

The secondary flood water damage is when the flooded home water starts to wick up the skirting boards, walls and soaks deep into the sub-floor and hard flooring.

The early moments after the flood are some of the most critical. Here are some flood tips.

In any case, please avoid direct contact when floodwater is contaminated with black water. Next, find the source of the leak and shut it off. You may need to shut off the water at the main exterior valve. Then call your local flood dry carpet service provider or an insurance agent to get an adjuster out immediately if possible.

Likewise, call Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood drying service in West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus  Coast, Eastern Bays, South Auckland,  who use powerful truck mounts to first extract the water asap. They can pull the carpet back if necessary or use a method of surface drying. Whereby extracts from the carpet’s surface to below the cushion.

Carpet Drying Auckland

At any rate, if a camera is handy, you should take lots of pictures of the flood water damage. Before they begin the flood restoration process. Otherwise, have Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood drying service take pictures or get the pictures of the flooded wet carpet as an independent professional in case of a dispute before the carpet drying service. Immediately remove all furniture and colored rugs from the flooded areas. Many types of wood and metal furniture feet may not only suffer water damage but they can also create permanent carpet stains. Remove all smaller items affected.

Call the professionals Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet Auckland service in West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, East and South Auckland on 0800 783-266.

Finally, attempt to contain the flooding water if possible until Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood drying service arrive with flooded water extraction equipment. Floods on the upper floors of multistory buildings pose special challenges. Check air ducts for flooding water damage. You should hire dehumidifiers, carpet dryers, and air movers from Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood drying service to try to prevent secondary damage.

Hire Carpet Dryer

We offer the best value Large Dehumidifier Hire Auckland wide, for structural drying and flooded homes. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood drying service Large Industrial Dehumidifier rental hire rate is approximately double the value of most flood restoration Auckland companies and Auckland hire shops.  The best value per capacity $75 + GST per day, for a 85 liter per day capacity dehumidifier rental.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood drying service provide Air Mover Blowers, and hire Carpet Dryer Fans are again considerably better value, to other floods drying service people. Carpet dry blowers only $25 + GST per day.

Flooding Secondary Damage

The secondary damage is the flood water that occurs in the days and weeks to follow. A large amount of moisture will likely still remain in and up the walls and floors as well as other items after the emergency extraction is complete. Moisture can wick a metre high up the walls. This will cause extensive mold contamination which can cause irreparable damage. We strongly recommend that you remove furniture from the wet carpets if the relative humidity is heavy. We can give you the Rh reading with a moisture meter.

Our Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood carpet dry service technicians will perforate your walls and hardwood floors as necessary (with your permission). The vent holes allow moisture to escape. We measure moisture in various surfaces using a non-penetrating, moisture detection tool. The baseboards, wood floors, and other wood surfaces will also begin to absorb the water which will actually cause the wood to bend. Picture frames will split at the joints, baseboards and quarter round molding will pull off away from the walls. In fact, wood floors will begin to cup. Eventually, all surfaces trapping moisture will grow mold and mildew if the temperature is warm enough. Moisture residue will also create a souring smell throughout the room.

Flood Drying

The solution to these problems is ample drying equipment, a safe temperature, and chemicals. You’ll need air handlers to circulate the air. Dehumidifiers are designed to dry out the air. Set the RH for about 27. Apply an application of antimicrobial to prevent the growth of mold or mildew smell and to kill bacteria, germs, and viruses. Our Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood carpet drying service technicians will make the various determinations for the drying equipment and chemicals needed after the emergency extraction. Available in West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Eastern Bays and South Auckland. Monitor the drying process faithfully until all surfaces and cavities are safe again.

Moisture Dried

Of course, Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood services are completely capable of restoring your various flooring surfaces once the drying process is over. In fact, many customers who do not use Flood Auckland for emergency flood extraction will contact us later. This for the Drying carpet and sub-flooring surfaces because we are specialized with repairs.

Relay and clean carpet. Wood may require resurfacing or replacement.

Vinyl may or may not require replacing depending on whether mildew develops under the wear layer. Damp basements need longer drying time. Ceramic tiles are usually unaffected. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood restoration service is also able to recommend contractors to assist with the plumbing problems and structural repairs if needed.

Phone the professionals Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet Auckland service since 1988 on 0800 783-266, in West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, East, South Auckland

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24 / 7 Emergency Flood Drying Services

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Phil did a great carpet dry service in North Shore, so, the dried carpet has come up a treat.

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I would like to thank Graeme Stephens, and, Rose for drying out my flood. They have done a great carpet drying flood service in South Auckland. I have told my insurance company how pleased I am.


A professional Flood Restoration service. I've never had a need before now for drying out a house after a water leak but Steam 'n' Dry Carpets Auckland did great


Graeme and the team are very good. Look no further for your water flood repair needs. Graeme, the owner came out for drying carpet flood in West Auckland


I now have no more flooded carpets, walls and carpet stains thanks to Steam 'n' Dry Carpets Auckland flood service in South Auckland. Great price and quality dryers


I contacted Steam 'n' Dry Carpets Auckland flood service in West Auckland to remove some tough stains from my carpet, and for a good price in return

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