Flood Restoration Checklist

Flood Restoration Checklist

Please do away with the water source helping with the carpet drying process as quickly as possible. Here’s a flood restoration checklist for you to remember.

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Flood Restoration Checklist: Carpet Drying Auckland

The Mitigation Phase

Before a flood, there are actions that you can take to diminish damage:

  • First, have a professional assess your property for high-risk areas. Identifying these low-lying areas gives you an indication of where sandbags will be helpful. Identification will prevent flooding on your property.
  • Make sure fuel tanks located above ground are well-anchored. This will prevent them from floating away in the event of a flood.
  • Consider dry or wet flood-proofing your property.
  • Dry flood-proofing prevents floodwaters from entering a building.
  • Wet flood-proofing allows water to enter the building but minimises interior damage.
  • Install flood warning systems to notify the occupants of potential danger.
  • Consider buying a generator for outdoor use only. Keep generators away from the air intake and do not use them in any attached building, such as garages.
  • Install check valves in sewer traps or catch basins to prevent the unwanted backflow of sewer water through the web while allowing the downflow of water into the sewer.
  • Develop a plan of action in flood and ensure all occupants are informed of the procedures. You can hire from Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Auckland Services, which has provided flood cleaning and carpet drying services since 1987 in South Auckland, North Shore, and West Auckland City areas.

The Preparation Phase

When a flood is coming, there are specific steps to ensure proper protection for your property:

  • Obtain the necessary sandbag materials and plan their strategic placement around your property.
  • Secure to bringing in outdoor furniture and other items.
  • Stock up on clean water and other necessities.
  • If evacuating the building, turn off all utilities, including electric, natural gas, and the main water supply.
  • Place relevant documents, computer equipment, and valuables in a designated “flood-safe” area.
  • Time of the Essence for Flood Restoration Checklist

24/7 Emergency Flood Restoration Auckland Services

Severe weather, burst pipes, and other incidents can flood your property. When this occurs, removing the water quickly and drying any affected areas is essential to prevent structural damage. Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Auckland Service has offered a Certified Water Restoration Technician to handle all emergency water extractions in West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus  Coast, Eastern Bays, and South Auckland since 1987.

Fast Response To Emergencies

Our team understands that a water emergency can happen anytime, and our trucks are ready to respond to emergencies 24/7. Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Restoration Auckland Service works with all insurance companies, ensuring a hassle-free claim process. In addition, our experts are IICRC certified, licensed, and insured and provide quick response time with a fully equipped, truck-mounted water removal unit.

You can hire Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Restoration Checklist Auckland Service to provide robust, customised truck-mounted systems, flood cleaning, and carpet drying services. The team will remove water and sanitise all affected areas with our highly effective products to ensure the best results.

Water Damage Can Cause The Following Issues.

Mould spores can quickly infest carpets waterlogged due to flooding or water used to create a household fire. In addition, some types of mould can cause severe allergic reactions in humans and their furry friends.

Senior citizens and children are vulnerable to illnesses from mould spores, and some cases can become so severe that hospitalisation is required.

Steam ‘n Dry Flood Restoration Auckland Services offers carpet cleaning and water damage restoration to prevent further hazards. They voted best-flooded carpet drying experts for five years in a row.

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