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Easy Methods To Restore Water-Damaged Carpet

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One of the most devastating and destructive forces a homeowner can face is flood and water-damaged carpets. Either by a busted pipe or natural weather occurrence, flooding in your home can cause extensive damage. This leads to thousands of dollars in repairs and restoration. Call Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Restoration Auckland Service experts for water-damaged carpet drying. We have serviced West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Eastern Bays and South Auckland since 1987. The wet carpet may bring moulds, mildew, fungi, and other harmful bacteria to humans.

The Effects Of Water Damaged And Mould Growth 

The presence of moulds in indoor environments can lead to several health problems, including respiratory issues, fatigue, and allergies. Indeed, Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Cleanup Auckland Service experts are under training in using specialised treatments to combat the effects of mould and tailor a Mould Remediation Programme to suit your specific needs.

The water may be gone, but moulds can linger. Call 09 3767007  to resolve this problem immediately!

Is mould as dangerous as asbestos? According to the New Zealand Centers for Disease Control, it can be if there are enough build-ups and the development of mould spores is allowed to continue. Steam n Dry Flood Auckland Services has provided flood cleaning and carpet drying services since 1987. If you live near South Auckland, North Shore and West Auckland City, you know that humidity and condensation are a fact of life. However, you don’t have to live on the beach to understand the consequences of moulds after flooding.

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Steam ‘n’ Dry Flood Auckland Services has offered flooded carpet drying and cleaning services since 1987 in South Auckland, North Shore and West Auckland City.


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